Green Screen Videos-Tutorials
How often is a green screen used?
How to build a green screen
How to green screen on the iPad
Easy-to-Use Green Screen App by DoInk
Do Ink Green Screen Basics
Creating Backgrounds for Green Screen Projects on iPad
Green Screen App by Do Ink
News blooper - news anchor Jessica Holmes' green screen dress
Green Screen Demo
How to Download Music and Video files to the iPad
Green Screen Tutorials
Green Screen Poster
Green Screen Tips
Green Screen Moving Backgrounds
Download the moving backgrounds with the app Documents. In the browser of the app Documents, type: Choose November 2014 and Students, choose the moving background and download the file. Then copy the file with the app Documents to the Photos folder
Airplane 1
Airplane 2
Autumm Dream
Beach 1
Beach 2
Blue Rain
Colofull Squares
Count Down
Crunched Background
Dark Clouds
Dutch Windmills
Exploding Star
Fast Running Clock
Flag England
Flag Holland
Flag Italy
Flag Spain
Golden Dust
London 1
London 2
Moon View
Music Long
Music Short
Orvieto 1
Orvieto 2
Paris 1
Paris 2
Slow Explosion
Snow Falling
Studio 1
Valentia 2
Studio 2
Studio 3
Studio 4
Twilight Sky
Valencia 1